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Our beautiful monuments can come in all shapes and sizes with your choice in granite. We are always open to custom designs, inscriptions and add-ons. View our monument gallery to see some previous designs made and current ones in stock.

Grave Markers

Our admirable markers come in typically three shapes: Flat, beveled and slanted. Again, we are always open to custom orders and they're offered in your choice of granite and now bronze!

Cremation Urns

We have a wide selection of Granite Urns, Marble urns, keepsake urns to be custom ordered. Oftentimes, we wish to honor our loved ones by placing their remains in an urn. There are jewellery pendants, and other items available to cherish the remains of loved ones. Prices vary for colors, designs, and sizes.

Memorial Benches

We provide different types of granite memorial benches with main types being Flat Granite Memorial Benches, Backrest Granite Memorial Benches, and Decorative Granite Memorial Benches.

Grave Lanterns

We have beautiful metal, bronze and stone lanterns to enhance your cemetery monuments while visiting.

Cemetery Vases

We have beautiful granite, bronze, metal vases to use as an enhancement to your bronze or stone markers and monuments. The vases are used to hold a bouquet of flowers. There are vases which are good for summer and winter months.


We can craft the most beautiful sculptures for your memorial. Ensure to let our team know exactly what you're looking for and we are sure to make it memorable!


We provide landscape options to enhance your memorials. Also, we provide other landscaping options such as Garden Curbing, Granite Countertops, granite furniture ans so on.

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Mississauga Memorials
Monuments, Headstones, Grave Markers, Urns & More

Mississauga Memorials Ltd has decades of experience in Cemetery Monuments business and providing service especially to the Mississauga Community. We feel confident that we can cater to your needs as we at Mississauga Memorials just don’t get the job done but we try our best to exceed your expectations! Our customers keep coming back to us primarily because we’re dependable, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. We specialize in Monuments, Headstones, Grave Markers and especially Custom Orders. We serve all the cemeteries in the Greater Toronto Area and the Ontario Province. We at Mississauga Memorials focus on providing unmatched service delivering nothing but top notch quality stones and amazing personal service.

Why Choose Us?

Reasonable Pricing
Our competitive and affordable pricing will help you in considerably reducing the funeral cost. Moreover, we do offer further discounts on selected sizes and colors of monuments.
Top Notch Quality Service
Our key focus is to provide unmatched quality service to our customers with complete individual attention and prompt delivery. We are also available after our usual office hours.
Industry Veterans
Our experience and expertise will ensure 100% satisfaction as our finest end product will not just meet your expectations but exceed them.
Fully Customized Design
We offer a wide variety of monuments related services and are highly specialized in custom monument designs in order to cater the needs, tastes and preferences of our clients.
Flexible Payment
Our flexible payment plans makes us an ideal go to option during your difficult times. Selected customers are even offered monthly payment option (if needed).
Loved By Clients
Our satisfied customers keep coming back to us and also recommend our services to others via word of mouth or by looking at completed work at the cemeteries.

Granite Colors

Monuments Pricing

Pricing depends upon the size, shape and color of the monument purchased. Different Cemeteries allow different size of monuments, headstones, granite markers, bronze markers etc for each section. However, when you call our sales office we give you one pricing for the monument that includes matching base, design, lettering and installation. You will have to pay the foundation and care & maintenance fee for the cemetery. Our prices includes warranty for the monument that you selected.

When you buy any headstone from us (the direct dealers of all kind of monument related products and services), you save more. Also, we at Mississauga Memorials deal with all the cemeteries and undertake documentations and paper work on your behalf, giving you a complete peace of mind coupled with cost reduction of the monuments purchased by you.