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We specialize in Monuments, Headstones, Markers & Custom Orders


Our beautiful Monuments can come in all shapes and sizes with your choice in Granite stones. We are always open for Design Customization, Inscriptions, Laser Etching and add-ons. Have a look at our Monuments Gallery to see some of our previous designs and also the current ones in stock!

Grave Markers

Our admirable Grave Markers typically come in three different shapes: Flat, Beveled and Slanted. Again, we are always open to Custom Orders from our clients. We offer them in your choice of Granite and now also available in Bronze.

Cremation Urns

We have a wide selection of Granite Urns, Marble Urns, and Keepsake Urns to be Custom Ordered. Oftentimes, we wish to honor our loved ones by placing their remains in an Urn. There are Jewellery Pendants and other items available to cherish the remains of your loved ones. Prices vary for colors, designs, and sizes.

Grave Lanterns

We have beautiful Metal, Bronze and Stone Lanterns to enhance the look and appearance of your Cemetery Markers and Monuments while visiting.

Cemetery Vases

We have beautiful Granite, Bronze, and Metal Vases to use as an enhancement to your Bronze or Stone Markers and Monuments. These Cemetery Vases are used to hold a bouquet of flowers especially for Summer and Winter months.

Memorial Benches

We offer different types of Granite Memorial Benches as an optional upgrade for the usual Monuments with the main types being Flat, Backrest and Decorative Granite Memorial Benches.